What is Cedro Finance?

Cedro Finance is a cross-chain decentralized liquidity protocol where users can lend and borrow the listed assets. Lenders are able to deposit their assets to contribute to the liquidity of the platform and borrowers are able to borrow the liquidity in an overcollateralized manner.

Why should I use Cedro Finance?

You have numerous reasons to use Cedro Finance. To list a few:

  • We connect fragmented liquidity across chains, which means higher capital efficiency. So, for lenders and borrowers, it means better rates on assets.

  • You can open positions on multiple chains with ease. Hence, you don't have to miss financial opportunities on any chain.

  • First-class User Experience. With other protocols, you need to use multiple third-party services and numerous clicks to open positions across chains. However, you can achieve this in <5 clicks with us.

  • Secure and easily scalable. Thanks to our top-notch architecture.

And many more!

Why do I have to keep changing the network for different transactions?

Because of our protocol architecture design, if you are depositing or repaying, then you have to interact with the smart contract on the chain of that asset. However, if you are Borrowing, Withdrawing, or Liquidating, you can do that directly in the Root without having to switch networks.

What is Cedro Unified Liquidity Token (CULT)?

Currently, many of the multi-chain assets are treated as different assets, hence liquidity fragmentation at an asset level. For example, USDC is live on multiple chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. However, they are treated as a unique asset on each chain. So, with our novel architecture, we are able to virtually merge the liquidity of these assets across chains. From the user's perspective, the origin chain of their multichain asset deposit will be abstracted away. This is our novel feature: CULT.

We are connecting the liquidity flow of multiple chains. Hence, capital efficiency times 100. On top of that, we are merging the liquidity of multi-chain assets. Hence, capital efficiency times INFINITY!

Can I trust my fund with Cedro Finance?

We understand the suspicion among users since we've seen multiple cases of scams in this industry. However, we are a decentralized protocol. This means the funds are sent to our smart contracts, which are accessible to anyone. Hence, everything is completely transparent. The smart contract controls the funds, and no one has direct access to them. We write these smart contracts with security as our top priority, and we spend a significant amount of time testing them. On top of that, these smart contracts are audited by multiple reputed organizations before going live.

So, in short, yes, you can trust Cedro Finance with your fund.

How costly is a transaction on Cedro Finance?

The cost varies based on the chain you are operating on and its current usage. Making a cross-chain call can be relatively a bit expensive operation. With this in our mind, we designed the protocol to make sure that the frequency of cross-chain calls is as low as possible. In fact, for some operations, there's no cross-chain call at all. Even with that, our Computation Offloading process makes the transaction cost very affordable.

What are Root and Branch?

The Root is the smart contract that aggregates the protocol data and the Branch is a liquidity pool storage contract deployed on all chains. Learn more at https://docs.cedro.finance/features/protocol-architecture#branch

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